Whole Body Cryotherapy



Local/Spot Cryotherapy COMING SOON!


Guests who enter our cryotherapy chamber will be exposed to ultra low temperatures (-130*F to -184* depending on the level) for 3 minutes. Entire process of changing and completing the session takes up to 15 minutes.

The goal of this cooling process is to assist in pain management, muscle recovery, mental well-being, revitalization and rejuvenation of your body's tissues. This is achieved by the reduction of inflammation, the stimulation of collagen and metabolism and the production of endorphins that create a powerful energy boost.

What should I wear to my wholebody Cryotherapy appointment?

  • Dry sports bra and underwear for women
  • Dry briefs for men

What is provided for my wholebody Cryotherapy session?

You will be given:

  • Long Sleeve Robe
  • Thermal Socks
  • Thermal Gloves
  • Booties

Socks, gloves and booties will be worn during the entire cryo session. Your robe is removed after you enter the cryo sauna and the session is completed in your undergarments for best results.





As a Welcome to Hearthside Hydration and Wellness we want to offer our new customers a "Try it and Like it" option to our Cryotherapy sessions. We are offering two sessions for ONLY $70 (a savings of $50!!).

(available for new cryotherapy customers only, discount can not be shared)



Wholebody Cryotherapy Memberships:


$45 a month                       (regular price $60)

  • One Cryotherapy session per month
    • Each additional Cryotherapy session $40
    • $10 OFF your 1st Infrared Sauna session


$99 a month                    (regular price $240)

  • Five Cryotherapy sessions per month
    • Each additional Cryotherapy session $40
    • ONE FREE Infrared Sauna session (30 min)


$249 a month                    (regular price $1560)

  • Unlimited Cryotherapy sessions/month (max 1 per day)
    • Two FREE Infrared Sauna sessions (30 min)
    • 2nd session in same day $20 (must be four hours apart)


All memberships include:

  • 10% discount on additional services/treatments (IV, Botox, Infrared Sauna)
  • 3-month commitment required


Membership Rules:

  • Memberships cannot be shared
  • 30-day written cancellation required
  • No-show appointments will be charged one session benefit, we ask that members call to cancel as soon as possible.
  • 1 month freeze available (will extend length of commitment by 1 month
  • Unused benefits will rollover for 30 days (unlimited membership: rollover only applies to the 2 free saunas)