Frequently Asked Questions

IV Hydration

Most of our guests are eligible to receive IV hydration, however if you have any questions or concerns regarding your health status or the medications you are currently taking, it always best to obtain permission from your physician first.  While our services are purely elective, we do take pride in the high quality and safe care that we deliver and we reserve the right to refuse services if we feel that your safety or health could be compromised.  For this reason, we do  review your medical history and current medications/supplements prior to each infusion.

Our nurses are highly trained and adept at placing IV's.  While you might feel a slight little pinch at first, this is temporary.   We have designed Hearthside's IV infusion area to be a relaxing and calming area where you can relax into our heated, massage recliners, watch TV, read some magazines and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee or tea.   

Each infusion typically takes around 45-60 minutes. Your first visit will take a little longer as we will need to spend some extra time reviewing your medical history with you.

All IV's are provided by our team of highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse's.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Saunas use infrared radiant energy to penetrate deep into the body's tissues to produce sweating.   Instead of traditional saunas, which heat the air in the room around you, infrared saunas are able to penetrate your body tissues and achieve their benefits at a much more comfortable temperature.

It is recommended that you wear light clothing, similar to a bathing suit to allow you body to perspire which will assist in the detoxification process.  We will provide towels for you to use when wiping off during and after your session, as well as a towel for you to sit on during the session.

NO!   Your safety and comfort is our ultimate goal, and even though our sauna is spacious enough to accomodate 3 adults, we only schedule for 1 guest at a time.  The only exception to this rule, is if you choose to book a session with a friend. If you do choose to book a session with a friend, we will provide a discount to you both.

Our sauna is equipped with a CD player, and AM/FM radio that you can tune to the station of your choice. We have an array of magazines to choose from as well.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

 Cryotherapy was invented in Japan in the 1970's by DrToshima Yamauchi to relieve pain and treat rheumatoid arthritis.    Whole body cryotherapy is a cooling therapy that uses nitrogen gas to cool your body really fast in 2-3 minutes, and is similar to the concept of applying an ice pack to a painful muscle or joint, but on a larger scale.    After a session, people report alleviation of muscle and joint pain, anxiety and depression relief, better sleep patterns, and promotion of weight loss.

The following people CAN NOT use the cryotherapy chamber:

  • Uncontrolled blood pressure (high or low)
  • Raynaud's Syndrome, or any disease/condition that causes a sensitivity to cold, or allergy to cold
  • Unstable Heart Pain, or history of a Heart Attack
  • Disease of the blood vessels or blood clots
  • Open sores or active infection
  • Uncontrolled seizure disorder
  • Nerve pain (neuropathy)
  • Pregnancy
  • under age 16 (ages 16-18 are allowed with a parent/guardian consent)

Feel free to call our office if you have any questions 850-727-5088.



Every participant has their own individual response, however many report:

  • Increased energy
  • Greater alertness and focus
  • Rapid recovery from workouts
  • Anxiety and depression relief
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased muscle and joint pain
  • Promotion of weight loss
  • Reduced signs of aging


  • No metal jewelry (below the neck) 
  • No wet/damp clothes are allowed in the cryo-chamber
  • Men are required to wear boxers, or boxer briefs.
  • Females are required to wear underwear and a bra without metal/underwire (sports bra is best) 

We will provide each participant with a pair of thermal gloves, socks and rubber boots.  We also provide a robe that can be worn as you enter and exit the chamber. 

No more than twice per day, and at least 4 hours between the two sessions.